Working for Kaitaia Businesses

The BID is a partnership between the Far North District Council (FNDC) and the Kaitaia business community designed to revitalise our main shopping and business areas. In 2012 a poll amongst Central Business District (CBD) business and property owners to establish a Business Improvement District (BID) for Kaitaia was accepted with a 53% majority. With this successful ballot, in late 2012, Kaitaia became the northern-most town, and the first rural town in New Zealand, to attain the benefits of a BID.

The BID is designed to improve CBD business and amenity through agreed regular improvements to the town's physical, operational or security infrastructure within the town centre. The BID is a partnership between local government (mainly through regular liaison with the Community Board) and local businesses funded through a quarterly levy, by way of an FNDC targeted rate.

Local businesses within the BID area (or those outside the area who choose to join) contribute an amount of money each year through a proportional system which is determined by BID regulations via their rateable property value. The Far North District Council includes the levy with their regular rates notices and then forwards quarterly installments of the BID portion to the Kaitaia Business Association. The council provides this service free of charge.

The money collected through the BID project is administered by the Kaitaia Business Association and enables the Kaitaia business community to determine and drive our own direction and destiny. No person or single business is able to derive individual financial gain as a result of being involved in the BID project.

This money is used to:

  • Develop and promote the Kaitaia CBD generally.
  • Support economic growth through the identification and strategic and annual planning of projects.
  • Increase employment and local business investment by showing potential investors and businesses that there is strong business leadership in the town.
  • Enhance the physical environment through determining appropriate and useful projects.

Projects undertaken by Kaitaia Business Association for BID include:

  • Community Patrol New Zealand - Working in conjunction with the Neighbourhood Policing team in Kaitaia to improve the safety and security of our town. Kaitaia Community Patrol vehicles assist in policing our CBD with a rotating roster of volunteers.
  • Kaitaia CCTV Cameras - The high performance wireless back-haul system is now in place at the Kaitaia Police Station. Up to 100 cameras around the town can be linked into the system. (Any business within the township of Kaitaia that would be interested in linking in their cameras from their system are encouraged to contact Constable Phillipps at the Kaitaia Police Station. Email - As long as the camera benefits the town we are able to link it in.)
  • Heritage Walk - A heritage walk around Kaitaia, highlighting historic buildings and locations with photographic murals which include interesting historic commentary.
  • A New Walkway - Walk from Te Ahu to the centre of town along the old river bed park, enhanced with lighting, pathways, amenity, sculpture and so forth, to enhance the experience over just walking along the main road.
  • Skateboard Park - Northland District Health Board have installed water fountains here and other spots in Kaitaia. Safer Communities are hosting Friday nights at the Skate Bowl between 4-6pm. They also have a number of skate boards available to children who do not own one.
  • Business Networking - Business Networking meetings, often including speakers, to promote a co-operative culture and business connectivity within our town.
  • Town Sign - Helping to replace and reinstate the iconic north-end town sign, known for its "Haere Mai/ Dobro Dosli/ Welcome" to Kaitaia.
  • Events - Meeting and hosting guest speakers.
  • Information Service - Facilitating and working to inform the business district of upcoming events, training and seminars.

Get Involved

Are you a business owner within the BID District and would like to have more of a say in the promotion of our town, or would you like to "keep your finger on the pulse" and be included in network information distributions?

Contact us for more information and to see what options are available to you.